Raised in Chile until the age of 7, Louis returned to Paris to study. He divided his time between France and Russia where he learns the language.

After graduating from Luc Besson's École de la Cité, he starts directing narratives for internet and television.

Since 2015, he has been working with Studio Bagel, directing about fifty episodes brodcasted on Canal +.

In 2016, he made SNL sketches for M6 and then joined the Canal + Guignols team.

In 2017, he signed the series "Raising Hitler" produced by Guillaume Lacroix and Renaud le Van Kim.

In 2018, he made one of the short films in the "Cartes Blanches" collection, an original Canal+ creation.

In 2019, he also directed the BagelShow, a 30-minute fiction programme broadcast on Canal + Décalé.

In 2020, he is represented by Quad Stories to create ad content.

In 2021, he signs several writing option agreements and wins the SACD Digital Series Prize for « Ruptures ». He also directs the interactive series « Visions » for the new French svod platform Snax.

In 2022, he is in charge to direct « Cuisine Interne », an original 6x40 NBC Universal creation for 13th Street channel produced by Cineteve and 2425 Films.